Thursday, September 18, 2014

CoinTerra announces world's first 16nm ASIC-based Bitcoin Miner

AUSTIN, USA: CoinTerra, the market leader in Bitcoin mining solutions, has announced its next generation Bitcoin Miner - the AIRE Miner.

At an expected performance per watt of 5x the current generation miners, the 16nm ASIC based AIRE Miner is now available for limited time pre-order with expected delivery in Q1 2015.

After a successful launch of TerraMiner IV Bitcoin Miner in January 2014, CoinTerra is now accepting pre-orders for their next generation of Bitcoin Miner, the revolutionary AIRE Miner.

The AIRE Miner, currently scheduled to ship to customers in Q1 of 2015 is a high efficiency Bitcoin miner based on CoinTerra's new 16nm SHIVA ASIC scheduled for tape out in late September 2014.

The AIRE Miner brings to market not only significant performance improvements in a small form factor but also provides unprecedented power efficiency.

The AIRE Miner is now available for pre-order at an introductory price of $2499 per unit + S/H for a limited time. Customers can read more about the AIRE Miner specifications and place their order through the website.

For the development of SHIVA, CoinTerra put together a brand new physical design team that spent over 9 months developing and optimizing the chip design in cooperation with Global Unichip Corp., one of the leading companies in ASIC design.

The SHIVA ASIC is scheduled to commence tape out in late September and will be one of the first commercial products utilizing 16nm technology, enabling performance improvements and power efficiency previously impossible to achieve in a Bitcoin mining ASIC.

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