Tuesday, September 30, 2014

NVIDIA installs first Meridian WS-DP for full wafer electrical fault analysis under production conditions

FREMONT, USA: DCG Systems Inc. announced the first installation of the Meridian WS-DP (WaferScan Direct Probe) at NVIDIA, a leading manufacturer of graphics processors for advanced visual computing.

The Meridian WS-DP was selected for its ability to provide full wafer diagnostic and testing under production conditions, dramatically accelerating development and ramp of 16/14nm and 10 nm technologies.

With time-to-yield being a key to profitability, advanced foundries, integrated device manufacturers and fabless companies can no longer afford the limitations of conventional electrical fault analysis tools, which are only able to isolate critical electrical defects at the dicing and packaging stages.

The Meridian WS-DP removes this limitation by providing optical electrical fault isolation (EFA) on full wafers using production testers, load boards, and probe cards, greatly accelerating time to defect localization. In addition, no modifications to wafer sort test programs are required, ensuring precise defect localization accuracy as well as faster workflow set-up between fabless manufacturers and their foundries.

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