Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Altera announces immediate availability of next-gen non-volatile MAX 10 FPGAs and evaluation kits

SAN JOSE, USA: Altera Corp. announced the availability of non-volatile MAX 10 FPGAs, Altera’s latest addition to its Generation 10 portfolio.

Using TSMC’s 55 nm embedded flash process technology, MAX 10 FPGAs revolutionize non-volatile FPGAs by delivering dual-configuration flash, analog and embedded processing capabilities in a small-form-factor, low-cost, instant-on programmable logic device.

MAX 10 FPGAs are shipping today and are supported by a broad collection of design solutions that accelerate system development, including Quartus II software, evaluation kits, design examples, design services through the Altera Design Services Network (DSN), documentation and training.

MAX 10 FPGAs provide greater system value to users by reducing overall bill-of-material costs while increasing board reliability. The highly integrated, non-volatile FPGAs provide up to 50 percent board area savings compared to other low-cost FPGAs by integrating into a single chip the following key features:

* Up to 50K logic elements
* Flash memory blocks (user flash and dual-configuration flash)
* Analog-to-digital converters
* Embedded memory and DSP blocks
* DDR3 external memory interfaces
* Embedded processing with soft-core Nios® II processors
* Up to 500 user I/O
* Integrated power regulator.

These key features provide higher system-level value to customers by enabling MAX 10 FPGAs to perform several important system functions, such as an instant-on configuration, fail-safe upgrades, system monitoring and system control.

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