Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TeraSquare to unveil reverse gearbox IC for next-gen 100GE networks

SOUTH KOREA: TeraSquare Inc. of Korea, one of the leading companies in fabless semiconductor development, will reveal the worlds’ first MLG2.0 single chip solution for 100GE networks, at this year’s ECOC exhibition.

The new IC is the first for the market and will revolutionize the industry by enabling 10Gbps channels to be used with 100GE data rates, whilst dramatically improving signal quality and making massive power consumption savings.

The MLG2.0 is a reverse gearbox for CDR applications that converts up to ten 10Gbps channels or a combination of 10Gbps and 40Gbps channels up to 100GE. It is designed for next-generation 100GE small form factor modules such as CFP2, CPF4 and QSFP28 and is fully compliant to OIF. The IC only consumes 1.4W of power and has all of the features of the TeraSquare 100G parallel CDR launched last year.

Upgrading to 100Gbps data-rate is progressing rapidly within the market, as well as a big increase in the number of ports using legacy data-rate 10GE and 40GE. These rates are set to be widely used for the next 10 years, leaving the market with a huge demand in solutions that can support the legacy data-rate at 100Gbps data rate. MLG2.0 is the right solution for this demand that is set to hit the market. TeraSquare are already working on the future beyond MLG2.0, MLG3.0 is currently being standardized and will include a forward-error-correction (FEC) function.

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