Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nova selected for 10nm and 7nm nodes by leading logic manufacturer

REHOVOT, ISRAEL: Nova Measuring Instruments, a leading innovator and a key provider of optical metrology solutions for advanced process control used in semiconductor manufacturing, announced that a leading logic manufacturer selected Nova's Optical CD metrology solution to support the development and future manufacturing of its 10nm and 7nm technology nodes, covering both FEOL and BEOL applications in Litho, Etch, Deposition, CMP and Epi process steps.

The selection includes Nova's advanced stand-alone metrology toolset, the NovaMARS modeling platform and Nova's new High-Power-Computing (HPC) server for 3D applications solutions.

Nova's solution was selected following a competitive evaluation between the leading Optical CD suppliers for front-end and back-end of line applications. Through the evaluation process vendors were required to demonstrate advanced solutions capable of handling the future challenges of critical dimension (CD) measurements of 3D FinFET gates.

Nova's solution was selected due to superior metrology performance in benchmark applications, providing excellent fleet matching precision. Nova's holistic metrology approach, combining NovaMARS modeling software, fast time to solution and unique channels of measurement, such as Darkfield Spectral Reflectometry (DSR), has demonstrated the performance and extendibility required to meet the challenges of 10nm and 7nm technology development.

"We are very proud with this selection of our stand-alone metrology solution for the 10nm and 7nm advanced technology nodes. We view this as clear evidence of our technology leadership and innovation in the Optical CD metrology space," said Eitan Oppenhaim, Nova's president and CEO.

"This selection reaffirms our solution's superiority for advanced FinFET devices in both front-end and back-end applications. This win provides yet additional support for our strategy to partner with our customers early in their development process in order to generate greater value in later stages of high-volume manufacturing."

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