Monday, September 15, 2014

ST to offer reference implementation of Frog by Wyplay middleware for ARM STB SoCs

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: Wyplay, creator of software solutions for leading pay-TV operators, and STMicroelectronics announced the availability of “Bull Frog” middleware, the Frog by Wyplay Set-top-Box middleware version 2.0 on ST’s Cannes and Monaco families of ARM system-on-Chip products.

The companies also disclosed their plan for an extension spanning the full ARM/HEVC product range from Liege2 (STiH301) to the latest UHDp60 family members STiH314/318/414/418.

This announcement illustrates the successful track record of collaboration between the two companies and was made possible, in part, thanks to a significant code contribution by ST’s software R&D teams. ST contribution to the Frog codebase will be shared among a growing community of more than 60 licensee companies, including device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software services providers, and operators.

Code contributed by ST covers adaptations of the Frog middleware to the ST SDK2 Linux software environment and specific hardware capabilities, API extensions, as well as optimization of the rendering of HTML5 applications.

ST’s contribution exemplifies the collaborative nature of the Frog shared-source ecosystem, a pre-integrated and pre-validated reference implementation that includes a UI, middleware, drivers, OS, and hardware. This level of integration and feature alignment yields an accelerated speed to market for the introduction of convergent services such as Over-The-Top services by pay-TV operators.

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