Monday, September 15, 2014

Plasma-Therm leads Taiwan plasma workshop

ST. PETERSBURG, USA: Academics and semiconductor-industry scientists filled a lecture hall at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Hsinchu, Taiwan recently for an advanced plasma-processing workshop led by Plasma-Therm Principal Scientist Dr. David Lishan, Ph.D.

More than 90 people, representing 24 universities and 21 commercial enterprises, gathered at  NTHU for the full-day workshop, which was sponsored by Taiwan’s Tze Chiang Foundation of Science and Technology. Attendees gained insight into fundamental and advanced plasma processing technology used in semiconductor device fabrication, materials research, and nanotechnology.

Attendees’ interests spanned many disciplines enabled by plasma technology, including MEMS, solid-state lighting, power, photonics, and other nanotechnology areas. Plasma-Therm has presented the in-depth plasma-processing workshop at nearly two dozen institutions in the United States, Sweden, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and China.

Dr. Jennifer Chang of WIN Corp., expressed appreciation to Plasma-Therm, Scientech (Plasma-Therm representative for Greater China) and Dr. Lishan, and hopes for “any opportunity to attend another lecture.”

“We have learned a lot of new techniques in nano-and micro-scale materials processing from your instructions,” said Dr. Chia-Fan Chu, an NTHU Postdoctoral Fellow, who praised the lecture content. “These lectures are very useful to us, especially in materials processing and semiconductor research,” he continued. “What was said and taught speaks to us vividly as ever from the printed page.”

Dr. Lishan noted the inquisitiveness of the participants, which included Ph.D. scientists, professors, graduate students, engineers and technology experts from throughout the region.

“It was an active audience, with the attendees asking many insightful questions about plasma technology as it applies to solving today’s challenges in semiconductor fabrication,” Dr. Lishan commented on his return to the US.

“I continue to be impressed by the innovative directions that researchers around the world are taking in plasma processing. I’m glad we are helping foster new developments as we educate researchers. The networking that I see at our workshops confirms the benefits of these events.”

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