Tuesday, September 9, 2014

ST selected by SmarDTV to power STB line-up in NAGRA QuickStart solutions

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: STMicroelectronics announced that it has been selected by SmarDTV, a subsidiary of the Kudelski group and a leading supplier of devices to Pay-TV operators worldwide, to power a range of set-top-boxes that are used in NAGRA pre-integrated QuickStart solutions.

SmarDTV has chosen ST decoders for its SmarBOX product range, which will benefit from the performance, power efficiency, and built-in support for the latest NAGRA technologies such as OpenTV 5 connect ware and the NOCS3 hardware root-of-trust, enabling the new NAGRA any CAST Security Services Platform:

* SmarBOX OTT(Over-The-Top) platform, powered by the STiH207;
* SmarBOX Hybrid Satellite platform, powered by the STiH237;
* SmarBOX Media Server platform, powered by the STiH310/Cannes and STiH410/Monaco.

“ST’s system-on-chip architecture delivers performance advantages over alternative devices and built-in support for the OpenTV 5 HTML5 Connect ware solution and the Media Live Multi screen service, as well as the latest NAGRA NOCS3 CAS (Conditional Access System) technology support on their whole product portfolio, were critical factors that directed us toward ST decoder solutions,” said Cedric Hardouin, VP of Engineering, SmarDTV.

“ST supports OpenTV 5 across its complete range of chipsets, which not only helps achieve timely project completion, but also provides the best possible assurance that we can deliver future projects quickly and cost-effectively.”

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