Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dongbu HiTek streamlines touch control for smart phones

SEOUL, KOREA: Dongbu HiTek has completed the development of an innovative Capacitive Touch Controller IC for smart phones. The proprietary chip design enables apps to be accessed and controlled via simple touch gestures while the smart phone is in the standby (screen-off) mode, thus streamlining apps access, control and extending battery life.

Current smart phones in the standby mode typically require the user to unlock the phone (activating the screen), navigate to the desired apps icon and then touching the icon to access the app. Next generation smart phones incorporating Dongbu HiTek’s innovative chip design will allow users to rapidly access/control frequently used apps during standby with a simple touch gesture – such as drawing a circle, letter, line or other figure on the darkened screen.

With Dongbu HiTek’s new chip design, audio apps, such as a music player can be accessed via a touch gesture during standby without activating the screen. Moreover, other touch gestures on the darkened screen can be used to control various audio-only functions such as volume control or selecting the next track. Such capabilities further streamline control of apps while reducing power consumption by staying in the screen-off mode.

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