Thursday, April 12, 2012

ST's design app guides customers to faster project completion on Android devices

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND: A new Android app from STMicroelectronics provides a modern, fast and spontaneous way for customers to design circuits using their smartphones or tablets.

The new app, called “ST op-amps”, is available free from the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) to help engineers design circuits using operational amplifiers (op-amps); frequently designed into audio, control, monitoring and communication systems. Engineers can use this app to start designing circuits with any of ST’s op-amps inside 15 seconds of activating their phone. ST has several device families targeting various applications, and ships more than two billion units in total every year.

The ST op-amps Android app was conceived to make customers’ lives easier with a mobile application. Now fully developed, tested and certified, it simplifies and speeds up op-amp selection and circuit design. It is the second Android application published by ST, and joins the Dual EE app that enables smartphones with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities to read wireless tags containing ST’s RF memory chips.

With reference schematics and guides built in, ST op-amps provide an intuitive, mobile design assistant accessible at any time or place. Touch-sensitive menus and scrollable pages make navigation through the application simple and take full advantage of the smartphone or tablet multi-touch user interface.

Unlike similar apps by other manufacturers, ST op-amps is focused only on design with op-amps and is not dependent on an Internet connection, since much of the functionality is native to the app. This approach enables engineers to find the information they need quickly and easily, and, when an Internet connection does exist, also provides a link to the ST website for further information as required.

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