Monday, April 2, 2012

Open-Silicon announces version 6 of Interlaken IP core

MILPITAS, USA: Open-Silicon Inc., a leading semiconductor design and manufacturing company and charter member of the Interlaken Alliance, announced version six of the company's Interlaken IP core.

Networking, storage and high-performance computing products can benefit from the chip-to-chip interface speeds now enabled by the semiconductor industry's first Interlaken IP core to support up to 600 Gbps applications. This release offers tremendous implementation flexibility to customers by supporting SerDes data rates up to 28Gbps and multiple data width options. The IP core also conforms to the recently released "Interlaken Retransmit Extension" protocol definition from the Interlaken Alliance.

Open-Silicon's Interlaken IP provides a scalable, low-risk solution for the high-performance and reliability requirements of networking devices. Proven with silicon success in over 35 implementations, the updated version includes enhancements for increased configurability and flexibility. Customers can benefit from Open-Silicon's flexible business model, which allows for customers to license the IP alone or also take advantage of Open-Silicon's system and physical design services to speed their chip to market.

Open-Silicon Interlaken controller IP version 6 features:
* Support for retransmit extension protocol introduced by the Interlaken Alliance in September 2011.
* Support for up to 28G SerDes data rates.
* Increased flexibility by allowing a single instance of the core to have multiple configurations (e.g. a single 600Gbps interface or four 150Gbps interfaces) selected at power-up.
* Multiple user-data interface options 128bit or 256bit wide with one, two, or four segments.

"Open-Silicon has actively participated in the Interlaken Alliance since its formation in 2007," said Fred Olsson, Interlaken Alliance co-founder. "The Alliance has since created multiple specifications to advance its mission of chip-to-chip interoperability for high-speed packet transfers. I am pleased to see Open-Silicon both take advantage of some of the most recent specification additions as well as drive the bandwidth higher."

"Open-Silicon remains committed to the Interlaken protocol and providing the highest-performance, most scalable Interlaken IP," said Aashish Malhotra, director of IP solutions, Open-Silicon. "We see Interlaken as a standard that is growing from its roots of networking devices to new markets in need of scalable, high-performance, high-bandwidth interface solutions."

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