Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Industry’s first half watt RF driver amplifier with dynamically adjustable bias and extended temperature range

USA: To meet the needs of today’s radio and RF communication equipment designers, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) introduced the ADL5324 half-Watt RF driver amplifier. When compared to other RF driver amplifiers, the ADL5324 offers superior power efficiency and temperature tolerance.

The ADL5324 operates over a wide temperature range (-40° C to +105° C), and can be biased to operate on less power. In addition, the ADL5324 features dynamically adjustable bias which allows RF designers to set the driver’s power consumption to the performance needs of the system, without the need for a bias resistor. The ADL5324 RF driver amplifier is well-suited for wired and wireless applications including cellular infrastructure; industrial, science, and medical (ISM) band power amplifiers; and defense and instrumentation equipment.

ADL5324 half-watt RF driver amplifier key features
* Dynamically adjustable bias to tailor driver performance from 3.3-V to 5-V with a variable or fixed supply; no bias resistor needed.
* Low power consumption of 62 mA on 3.3 V, up to 133 mA on 5 V, which can be biased anywhere in between these two points.
* Operates over a frequency range of 400 MHz to 4000 MHz.
* Fully specified for operation over the widest temperature range of -40°C to +105°C.
* Best in class performance: OIP3 of 43 dBm, a P1dB of 29 dBm, a gain of 14.6 dB, and a low noise figure of 3.8 dB at 2140 MHz.
* Robust ESD rating of Class 2, ± 3 kV.
* Available in the SOT-89 package.

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