Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chip sales slipped another 1.3 percent in Feb.; when will it stop dropping?

Robert Castellano, The Information Network, USA.

NEW TRIPOLI, USA: I mentioned in the last 3 Insight articles that there will not be an uptick in semiconductor sales through Q2 2012, based on our Proprietary Leading Indicators (PLLs) and their correlation with semiconductor revenues.Source: The Information Network, USA.

The chart below is the essence of our PLLs for semiconductors (we have one for equipment as well). I deleted the last six months of our PLL line (purple) because only subscribers of our Annual Subscription Service are permitted to view the complete database.

If you are risking your business model by relying on arm waving extrapolations, capex announcements, or linear regression analysis, or soemthing else, after 26 years of running The Information Network I will tell you nothing works but our PLLs that we initiated in 1995.

Q1 report updates of our Annual Subscription Service were dispatched to subscribers at the end of March.The Information Network, USA.

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