Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aptina selects Syntricity for semiconductor yield management

SAN DIEGO, USA: Syntricity Inc. announced a multi-year agreement that will provide the latest advances in its dataConductor platform to Aptina.

A global provider of semiconductor CMOS imaging technology products, Aptina will benefit from an advanced, integrated yield management system, delivered through Syntricity’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, dataConductor.com.

“After evaluating yield management system solutions, Syntricity’s dataConductor stood out for its scalability and advanced analysis capabilities,” said Ed Jenkins, director of Product and Test Engineering at Aptina. “Continuously looking to improve our systems, we looked to Syntricity’s success in managing large, hosted data warehouses as a key factor in our decision to partner with them. Syntricity’s hosted database and dataConductor.com tool set will give us ready worldwide access to our supplier data without adding further capital and resources to our current internal IT infrastructure.”

Accessed through a web browser, dataConductor will provide Aptina with a reliable, secure, and scalable enterprise yield management system, with automated connections to Aptina’s global supply chain of wafer foundries, assembly houses, and test facilities.

“dataConductor enables large amounts of production and engineering data to be collected from around the world, analyzed, and acted upon quickly,” said Steven Griffith, president and CEO of Syntricity. “Our hosted solution is a great fit for a global fabless semiconductor company like Aptina. We’re delighted that dataConductor will be the basis for yield management, data analysis, and reporting for Aptina.”

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