Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 semiconductors in process control apps

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "2012 Semiconductors in Process Control Applications" report to its offering.

Process control electronics span the spectrum from the smart grid to factory lighting. Commercial controls and security systems are just a few of the fast growing application markets that semiconductors are used in.

In the process controls market, which is comprised of both manufacturing and commercial segments, there are business conditions and strategic trends which indicate a movement toward the implementation of more advanced electronics technologies, with greater emphasis upon improving the performance of building controls, security systems, RFID inventory systems, real-time monitoring, business systems connectivity, and operator interface applications.

For 2012, many of the same issues regarding process control that have been discussed in recent years are expected. There is still the need to more closely tie together the world of automation with associated business systems - this has long been a challenge. With regard to process operations there is still the need to minimize downtime, become more efficient in energy consumption, and more effectively monitor in real time. With the use of so much technology today there is also a renewed focus upon system security; with increased solution options provided by virtualization and the promises of wireless technology.

This study provides users with complete market statistics on the process control application market from the chip forecasts to the end equipment. OEM market share is given along with estimates for the total spend by OEM for this segment. Also included is regional forecasts for semiconductors used in process control as well as process control semiconductor market share.

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