Friday, October 3, 2014

Collaborative innovation across supply chain necessary for development and commercialization of advanced packaging technologies

LYON, FRANCE: Both partners, National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP China) and Yole Développement (Yole) confirmed the success of their collaboration, with the 2014 Advanced Packaging & Integration Technology Symposium. This event is the first step of a promising collaboration between both organizations.

“Such success was possible thanks to the great collaboration with NCAP, presentations and active participation of the audience,” says Yole.

Yole reaffirms its interest for the advanced packaging industry in Greater China; the market research, technology and strategy consulting company would like to ensure business positioning and increase its existing network in this geographic area.

During the NCAP and Yole symposium, numerous relevant presentations and discussions took place. Key players of the advanced packaging area attended this event and exchanged their vision on the growth of this segment, the challenges seen in the industry with the new emerging technologies and the new solutions developed to address them.

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