Friday, September 12, 2014

TSMC 28HPC process in volume production

HSINCHU, TAIWAN: TSMC announced its 28-nanometer High Performance Compact (28HPC) process is in volume production, making it the most power- and cost-efficient solution among all 28-nanometer technologies in the foundry segment.

The achievement of this milestone demonstrates TSMC's commitment to providing industry-leading technology for customers looking to tap power and performance benefits in cost-effective SoC designs.

28HPC is the newest process offering of TSMC's comprehensive 28nm family that already includes 28LP (low power with SiON), 28HP (high performance with HKMG), 28HPL (low power with HKMG), and 28HPM (high performance for mobile computing).

As a compact version of 28HPM, TSMC's 28HPC is fully optimized for customers' architectures to realize competitive die size and product performance for the new generation of cost-effective mobile and consumer devices, and delivers a highly competitive performance/cost advantage.

28HPC can deliver the best 64-bit CPU and LTE (long term evolution) modem performance under a fixed total design power budget for smartphones, tablets and other consumer products. Compared with TSMC's 28LP, 28HPC provides 10 percent smaller die size and 30 percent lower power at all levels of speed, or over 20 percent speed improvement at the same power, through tighter process control, more efficient design solutions, and new process features.

A comprehensive 28HPC IP ecosystem is also established and seamlessly applicable to 28HPM designs, accelerating time-to-market for customers.

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