Monday, September 8, 2014

ST showcases MoCA 2.0 solution streaming Ultra HD

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: STMicroelectronics is showcasing its MoCA 2.0 STiC2BB solution in action streaming 4K Ultra-HD video at IBC 2014, Hall 1, F40, September 12-16.

By implementing the latest MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) version 2.0 specifications for home-entertainment networking, ST’s STiC2BB helps service providers adopt flexible client-server architectures supporting multi-room Ultra HD streaming.

The demonstration at ST’s booth shows the STiC2BB MoCA 2.0 IC streaming 4K Ultra HD video seamlessly to a client device while another node on the same MoCA network completes high-speed data transfers.

This impressive demo illustrates support for Prioritized Quality of Service (PQoS) as needed in client-server and cloud-based Audio/Video infrastructures. ST’s MoCA 2.0 solution can be used in various scenarios, such as with an ST set-top box or gateway SoC, a third-party microprocessor, or in an Ethernet dongle.

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