Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TI speeds and simplifies design of automotive emergency call systems with new reference design

USA: Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) introduced a complete reference design that provides designers all the analog and embedded processing integrated circuits (ICs) required for automotive emergency call (eCall) systems.

Vehicles equipped with eCall systems will automatically place calls to an emergency service center in the event of an accident. Customers can accelerate the design of their eCall systems by taking advantage of this reference solution comprised of AEC-Q100 qualified analog ICs from TI.

Featuring the TPA3111D1-Q1 high efficiency mono Class D audio amplifier and the TPS43330-Q1, single-boost, dual synchronous buck controller with ultra low quiescent current, TI's automotive eCall reference design offers a robust, low-cost solution that is scalable for other automotive applications, such as telematics, stolen vehicle tracking and HEV/EV sound generation.

It also incorporates the TLV70033-Q1 voltage regulator with low quiescent current and the MSP430F2232 16-bit ultra-low power microcontroller.

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