Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tektronix demos MIPI Alliance M-PHY test solution with Synopsys silicon-proven HS-Gear3 M-PHY IP

USA: Tektronix Inc. announced the industry's first demonstration of a M-PHY test solution for silicon-proven HS-Gear3 IP, a key part of the MIPI Alliance M-PHY physical layer specification for mobile devices.

The Tektronix test solution allows designers to quickly and efficiently characterize designs and verify performance, ensure compliance with M-PHY specifications or quickly isolate problems. Silicon proven IP helps semiconductor vendors adopt new standards based on M-PHY such as USB 3.0 SSIC (Super Speed Inter Connect), M-PCIe over M-PHY, MIPI LLI, MIPI UniProSM, JEDEC UFS (Universal Flash Storage), MIPI CSI-3 and future MIPI DSI-2. Together, Tektronix and Synopsys are collaborating to expand the M-PHY ecosystem.

The demonstration will be conducted during the MIPI Alliance Member Meeting Demo Day March 19 in Bangkok, Thailand, and highlights the industry-wide momentum in bringing M-PHY-based physical layer designs and products to market.

The joint Tektronix and Synopsys demonstration at the MIPI event will include a Tektronix DPO/DSA72004C 20GHz oscilloscope with M-PHYTX and M-PHYRX automated software and an AWG7122C signal generator used for MPHY testing.

The demo incorporates Synopsys' 28-nanometer DesignWare MIPI M-PHY IP supporting HS-Gear3, functioning as the device under test. The demonstration will show how Tektronix automates M-PHY tests per the specification and how Synopsys' silicon-proven IP operates at HS-Gear3 Rates A (5 Gbps) and B (5.83 Gbps) with margin.

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