Thursday, March 14, 2013

Microsemi adds multiple new devices to non-punch through (NPT) IGBT product family

USA: Microsemi Corp. announced the availability of more than a dozen new devices in its new generation of 1200 volt (V) non-punch through (NPT) IGBTs which include 25A, 50A and 70A current ratings.

Microsemi's NPT IGBT product family is designed for a wide range of industrial applications requiring high power and high performance, with the newest devices well-suited for arc welders, solar inverters, and uninterruptible and switch mode power supplies.

All of the devices in this 1200V product family are based on Microsemi's advanced Power MOS 8 technology, which enables a significant reduction of at least 20 percent in total switching and conduction losses as compared to competitive solutions.

Consistent with all devices in the product family, Microsemi's new NPT IGBT solutions can be packaged with Microsemi's FREDs or silicon carbide Schottky diodes to provide engineers with a highly integrated solution that allows them to streamline product development efforts.

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