Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Renesas' new technology achieves industry's fastest random access operation

JAPAN: Renesas Electronics Corp. has developed a new split gate (SG) flash memory circuit technology for on-chip flash memory microcontrollers (MCUs) that adopts the industry's leading-edge 40 nanometer (nm) process technology achieve high reliability, low power consumption and the industry’s fastest random access operation speeds.

In addition to higher level control, equipment that requires high reliability, e.g., automotive, is also now requiring even higher functionality and diversity of functions, such as support for functional safety, security, and networking.

Along with such market demands, since even larger capacities are required in the flash memory that stores the MCU's software and data, it is seen as desirable to increase the integration density of both the flash memory and peripheral functions included on a single chip by the use of even finer features in the fabrication process.

To support these needs, Renesas continues to develop leading-edge solutions based on advanced process technologies, and starts sample shipments from 2Q CY2013 of automotive flash MCUs that adopt both the industry's leading-edge 40nm process for flash MCUs and the SG-MONOS structure flash memory, which has a proven track record in terms of high reliability, high speed, and low power consumption.

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