Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CMX7011 digital voice processor gains voice store/retrieve and packet data function

UK: CML Microcircuits has released a new function image and datasheet for the CMX7011 digital voice processor. With the new function image, the CMX7011 is capable of voice store/retrieve (VSR) and packet data functionality.

The CMX7011 is a flexible, half-duplex, digital voice processor that provides the digital advantage to conventional analogue two-way radios. The device is specifically designed to implement secure digital voice scrambling on conventional analogue PMR radios and wireless door access and gate entry systems. In addition to digital voice encryption:

Function image:  7011FI-
* The voice store and retrieve function offers storage of a minimum of 20 seconds of vocoded speech in receive mode. The recorded speech can be played back, paused, resumed, or erased so that memory can be reused. VSR also includes a step-back feature which allows the device to step back in discrete steps during playback mode.

* The packet data operation allows the device to send packetised data with CRC, FEC and interleaving, as a complete transaction. The only host intervention required is to specify the length of the data packet, transfer it into the device’s buffer, and instruct the device to transmit.

Key product benefits include:
* Added voice store and retrieve functionality.
* Added packet data functionality.
* Secure digital voice for analog PMR, wireless door access and gate entry systems.
* Simple integration directly into the radio audio path.
* Integrated RALCWI vocoder (royalty free).
* Robust embedded audio-band data modem.
* Small low-power 48-pin VQFN/LQFP package.

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