Monday, November 5, 2012

Arasan extends UFS leadership with UFS, UniPro, and M-PHY IP

USA: Arasan Chip Systems Inc. has strengthened its leading position in the UFS market with major new contracts giving Arasan the largest market share in the rapidly developing UFS market. Four out of the ten top semiconductor manufacturers have selected Arasan as their supplier for UFS/UniPro and M-PHY IP.

Arasan is the only IP provider that is simultaneously participating in MIPI® Alliance working groups defining M-PHY, in JEDEC defining UFS, and in UFSA defining the UFS test and compliance standards. UFS is the standard formally defined by JEDEC to supersede the popular eMMC standard. Arasan is also the leading provider of SD/eMMC IP and has more than 280 customers for these IP's.

Arasan offers a Total IP solution for UFS with host controller IP, device controller IP, and M-PHY in its product family. In addition, Arasan offers Linux-based UFS hardware validation platforms for early software development and use as hardware reference platforms. These platforms include Arasan UFS IP as well as a UFS command-level GUI. UFS has also been adopted by the MIPI Alliance as a data transfer standard designed for mobile systems.

UFS has the ability to achieve transmission speed of 2.9 Gbps per lane, which allows UFS 1.1 to greatly improve the data transfer rate between the flash data storage device and the application processors in smart phones and tablets, especially when running multiple applications concurrently. Arasan UFS IP solutions support UFS High-Speed Gear 1 and Gear 2 performance specifications and are Gear-3 ready in anticipation of the next version of the specification.

UFS offers large storage capacity for data and boot code. Applications include mobile phones, tablets, DSC, PMP, MP3, and other applications requiring mass storage, boot storage, XiP or external cards. The UFS standard is a low pin-count, high-performance, serial interface that efficiently moves data between a host processor and mass storage devices. UFS transfers follow the SCSI model, but with a subset of SCSI commands.

Arasan's UFS Host Controller IP, UFS Device Controller IP and UFS M-PHY are available immediately for licensing. Deliverables include Verilog HDL of the IP Core, Verification IP, synthesis scripts, and documentation for the soft IP and GDSII for the hard IP. Arasan's UFS Hardware Validation Platforms are also available now.

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