Monday, November 26, 2012

CamSemi C5183 targets lower cost USB chargers for new generation smartphones

UK: CamSemi has announced the first of a new family of Primary Side Sensing (PSS) ‘fast start’ flyback controllers to offer the cost, performance and end-user benefits of integrated start-up.

The new C5183 PSS controller features an integrated active Ultra High Voltage (UHV) device that allows charging to start in under 0.1 seconds and delivers five star-rated no-load power performance (NLP) of less than 30 mW.

This latest controller will enable a new generation of lower cost, high performance USB chargers for rapid charging of smartphones with extended battery lives, as well as media tablets and other universal input applications rated above 8 W.

Integrated start-up also allows CamSemi’s latest PSS controller to offer faster, lower cost product testing and a better end-user experience, while eliminating several components compared with competitive approaches at this power level.

Most of today’s five-star designs were originally developed for low power, mobile phone charger applications but rely on extra components, external start-up switches and additional circuitry to deliver the required performance.

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