Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SINANO/Chinese Academy of Sciences and Plasma-Therm host plasma processing technical workshop

USA: Plasma-Therm has provided an advanced plasma processing workshop at Suzhou Institute of Nano-tech and Nano-bionics Chinese Academy of Sciences (SINANO CAS). Both fundamental and advanced plasma etching and deposition technologies, used primarily in semiconductor device fabrication and materials science research, are presented.

The workshop was hosted by the Nanofabrication Facility (NFF) of SINANO, which offers processing capability for research projects of other departments within SINANO and provides services for local companies’ R&D, training technicians for state and local enterprises acting as an incubator for the micro/nano optoelectronic industrial base in Suzhou City.

The workshop attracted over 130 attendees that included graduate students, facility staff, post-doctoral researchers and engineers from many local universities, institutes as well as from local technology companies. Attendees are involved in projects requiring process capability spanning a broad range of cutting edge research topics as diverse as MEMS, biosensors, graphene research and optoelectronic devices.

Plasma-Therm, a leading semiconductor plasma processing equipment supplier, has held a dozen similar one and two day workshops at prominent institutions in Singapore, United States, Sweden, China, and Israel during the last year.

Prof. Jianjun Zhu, at the SINANO NFF, reported: “The Plasma-Therm Plasma Processing workshop was informative and substantial, which is very valuable for students and engineers in the academic and industrial technology communities. The course was well arranged, covering the basics of plasma knowledge, dry etch and deposition processes and principles, with intuitive and deep explanations.

"Although I have little experience on semiconductor processing line, the workshop showed me an impressive picture of how to utilize the magic power of plasma in device fabrication. The presentations gave me as well as many other attendees a clear view of the processing III-V and Si-based devices. I look forward to incorporating concepts and to future workshops.”

“The attendance for a weekend technology workshop event was very impressive and is indicative of the interest in plasma processing technology” explained Dr. David Lishan, Plasma-Therm's principal scientist and organizer of the workshop series.

“Participants come from a wide background. It is rewarding to present material to such an audience and challenging to make plasma processing concepts accessible. With these events, Plasma-Therm gains better insight into research directions and researchers are able to better utilize their plasma equipment and improve their process results.”

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