Monday, November 12, 2012

IriTech offers embedded iris recognition module

INDIA: Iris recognition is becoming an increasingly important biometric identification technology, growing at a compound annual rate of 27.5 percent, according to MarketsandMarkets’ Global Biometrics Technology Market (2010-2015) report. TI Design Network member IriTech announced the IriShield iris recognition module based on the TMS320C6748 DSP from Texas Instruments Inc. (TI).

Starting at the low price of $110, the IriShield module maximizes system security of applications requiring secure access and identification, including mobile banking, time and attendance, and point of sale systems. The module also integrates seamlessly into customers’ existing product lines at a low cost.

“Ranked no. 1 in accuracy and interoperability by the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) IREX test, IriTech’s cutting-edge algorithms are featured in the IriShield module to maximize its true positive identification rates while minimizing false positives,” said Dr. Daniel Kim, CEO and president, IriTech Inc. “TI’s C6748 DSP processes these sophisticated algorithms and ensures accurate identification in real time.”

TI’s C6748 DSP accelerates computationally intensive functions, enabling IriTech’s embedded algorithms to complete a matching query against 1,000 stored user identities in 750 milliseconds. In addition, IriTech utilizes TI’s DSP to securely store and communicate data using integrated security features.

“TI’s DSPs offer parallel processing of computationally intensive algorithms to enable real-time biometrics access control and identification systems,” said Matt Kurtz, business manager, Singlecore DSP, TI. “In addition, our C6748 DSP offers a variety of integrated security features to safeguard proprietary algorithms and sensitive user data, giving both systems developers and users the ultimate in security.”

IriTech’s IriShield module—with a form factor smaller than a credit card— integrates seamlessly into customers’ existing product lines and is easily portable. The module offers an out-of-the-box demo that can be up and running within minutes. With a fully featured, productized application programming interface (API), developers can quickly and easily access embedded iris recognition functionality from the host processor.

IriTech’s IriShield module, based on TI’s C6748 DSP, is now available starting at $110 in 5,000-unit quantities — the lowest price in the industry. Unit pricing is $180.

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