Tuesday, November 20, 2012

TI unveils industry's first 4-MB Flash memory device for harsh environments

USA: Texas Instruments Inc. introduced the industry's first high-temperature, nonvolatile Flash memory device for harsh environments.

The SM28VLT32-HT has an operational capacity of 4 MB and eliminates the need for costly up-screening and qualification testing of industrial-grade components for temperature ranges outside data sheet specifications. The device allows data logging at extreme temperatures and is guaranteed for at least 1,000 hours of operating life in harsh environment applications, including oil and gas exploration, heavy industrial, and avionics.

Key features and benefits of the SM28VLT32-HT
Widest temperature range: Only nonvolatile Flash memory device qualified to work in temperatures ranging from -55 C to +210 C.

High reliability: Tested across the entire temperature range to provide robust read/write operation over the device's operating life.

Reduced design time: Eliminates the need for external parts allowing manufacturers to develop applications for harsh environments quickly and safely, and cuts development, testing and qualification time by six months.

Small, ruggedized package:  Available in either a ceramic flat pack or in Known Good Die (KGD), the SM28VLT32-HT allows small package integration into multi-chip modules for systems with limited board space.

Serial interface: SPI interface simplifies design and packaging, and reduces pin count.

The SM28VLT32-HT is sampling now in an 8-mm x 25-mm ceramic flat pack, with KGD package options and volume quantities available in 1Q13.

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