Monday, November 12, 2012

Atrenta number two in RTL power analysis

USA: Atrenta Inc., the leading provider of SoC Realization solutions for the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries, is the number two supplier of RTL power analysis tools according to the 2012 Market Trends Report published by Gary Smith EDA.

The popular report on the EDA market shows Synopsys as the number one vendor in the segment with Atrenta leading the nearest competitor by seven percent.

The report lists power analysis as one of the faster growing segments in the RTL market with a growth of 18 percent. Design complexity and the difficulty of moving power analysis to the system level were cited as reasons for the high growth. The relatively large impact that RTL analysis can have on power budgets was also mentioned.

“We have seen substantial customer interest in our comprehensive power optimization and verification tool set,” said Kiran Vittal, senior director of product marketing at Atrenta. “The 2012 Gary Smith EDA Market Trends Report provides a good validation point for our continued efforts in this competitive market.”

The SpyGlass Power product suite is available immediately from Atrenta and contains support for power estimation, verification and multiple advanced reduction technologies.

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