Thursday, November 29, 2012

Conexant partners with Beijing Hanbang on next gen 960H DVRs platforms

USA: Conexant Systems, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative semiconductor solutions for imaging, audio, embedded modem, and video applications, announced Beijing Hanbang Technology, the largest embedded surveillance DVR manufacturer in northern China, has decided to partner with Conexant on an entire line of new advanced 960H embedded DVRs.

Using Conexant’s CX26824 and CX26828, four and eight-channel 960H analog video/audio decoders, Hanbang Technology is now able to bring advanced picture resolution and quality to their new generation embedded DVRs. With traditional embedded DVRs capable of achieving only 500 lines of video definition, the new 960H technology implemented by Conexant allows Hanbang Technology to achieve an impressive 700 lines of video definition.

“We are very impressed with Conexant’s advanced video technology. They have by far exceeded the video performance of their peers in this industry,” said Liqun Wang, chairman of Beijing Hanbang Technology. “We are proud to bring to the market these new 960H DVR platforms to advance the technology and growth of the video surveillance market made only possible by Conexant’s technology,” he continued.

“For many years, Hanbang Technology has been one of the most advanced and professional DVR manufacturers in all of northern China. We are pleased to be able to partner with them on their entire line of new advanced 960H DVR platforms. Hanbang Technology now will have a significant advantage in terms of cost, features, and performance in their 960H DVRs,” said Sailesh Chittipeddi, PhD, president and CEO, Conexant Systems.

“With over 20 years of expertise in advanced video technology, Conexant is bringing the best 960H performance to the market quickly, effectively addressing today’s video surveillance needs at the most advanced process node. In addition to superior resolution for next-generation DVRs, we've also integrated new video processing features that produce optimal video quality to meet the growing demand for higher definition analog video surveillance.”

Conexant's new CX26828 and CX26824 chips are the latest in a line of advanced products designed for high-capacity surveillance DVRs. Conexant has embraced 960H video technology, which features superior video performance and video processing features valuable to customers seeking next-generation surveillance performance, such as motion detection, video equalization, and dynamic range expansion.

Currently sampling, pricing is $5.00 each in 500 to 1000 quantities for the four-channel CX26824, and $8.00 each in 500 to 1000 quantities for the eight-channel CX26828.

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