Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Valens Semiconductor intros VS010 chipset featuring HDBaseT-Lite transmitter and receiver

2012 International CES, HOD-HASHARON, ISRAEL: Valens Semiconductor, a leading provider of semiconductor products for the distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content and inventor of HDBaseT technology, announced the availability of its new VS010RX HDBaseT-Lite Receiver and VS010TX HDBaseT-Lite Transmitter chipset, and the associated evaluation kit.

HDBaseT technology is a consumer electronics (CE) connectivity technology optimized for whole-home and commercial multimedia distribution. HDBaseT is ideal for installations requiring the full 5Play feature set—uncompressed, full HD video, audio, 100BaseT Ethernet, Power Over HDBaseT (POH) and various control signals—over distances up to 100 meters.

Valens developed the VS010 chipset to meet the needs of installers requiring only select HDBaseT functionality at distances less than 70 meters. The new HDBaseT-Lite solution is complementary to standard HDBaseT technology, enabling single-cable transmission of uncompressed HD video, audio, power and controls through a single 70m LAN cable.

“At Valens Semiconductor we are constantly talking with HDBaseT Alliance members as well as key industry influencers to stay on top of the evolving connectivity needs of manufacturers and installers,” said Micha Risling, VP of marketing and business development at Valens Semiconductor and HDBaseT Alliance marketing committee chair.

“We developed the VS010 chipset to stay true to our company commitment to evolve HDBaseT product offerings for new market segments while building on the legacy of the same reliable, scalable and easy-to-install single-cable solution delivered by the standard HDBaseT chipset.”

The Valens VS010 has already been adopted by HDBaseT Alliance member Grandbeing Technology, a company dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of professional digital audio/video (A/V) products and techniques.

“An active member of HDBaseT Alliance and a vendor of several products incorporating HDBaseT technology, Grandbeing places great importance in following industry trends in order to meet growing market connectivity demands,” said Katona Laszlo, global marketing and sales director at Grandbeing. ”VS010 enriches and expands our HDBaseT offering and enables us to address our customers’ new needs and developing trends within the A/V industry.”

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