Monday, January 23, 2012

Packet Plus and Dini Group to provide new approach to debug networking on logic emulation platforms

PORTLAND, USA: A comprehensive joint development between Packet Plus and Dini Group provides advanced tools for networking designs at the earliest stage of the verification process. Packet Plus and the Dini Group have worked together to ensure that our two company's products play seamlessly with each other for our mutual customers.

The new P+ 1000 embedded packet debugger from Packet Plus provides unprecedented ability to control and interact with networking designs and is priced for the individual engineer. The P+ 1000 offers packet-by-packet control, an ability to work at any layer of the protocol stack, symbolic editing, and packet injection.

Packet Plus used a Dini Group development board to represent the customer's target design in their development process. "The Dini Group has provided an extremely valuable complement to Packet Plus. Their advanced prototyping boards work as an ideal development platform, demonstration vehicle, and provide us the ability to work with our customers earlier in their design process," said Rick Denker, CEO of Packet Plus.

The Dini Group has developed an interface card between their development boards and the P+ 1000 product. "Our work with Packet Plus demonstrates our commitment to providing leading edge capabilities for our customers," explained Mike Dini. "This capability allows our customers to perform more comprehensive validation early in their development process."

This solution will allow customer's increased control in the verification of networking interfaces at the earliest stages of their development process, and will help bridge the transition from the verification environment to the lab bench. Through another Dini Group relationship this interface will be available in Tektronix Embedded Instrumentation Group products.

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