Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Synopsys collaborates with Sigrity to accelerate signal integrity analysis

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA: Synopsys Inc. and Sigrity Inc., a leader in signal and power integrity solutions, today unveiled an enhanced solution that accelerates signal integrity simulation of high-speed systems.

In the latest release of the HSPICE circuit simulator, Synopsys has employed in-memory communication to deliver deeper integration with Sigrity's signal integrity analysis offerings. In addition, the HSPICE 2011.09 release provides enhanced multi-core simulation performance, improved accuracy in statistical eye-diagram analysis, and new multi-core enabled S-parameter and W-element analysis. The combined Synopsys and Sigrity solution offers up to 3X faster simulation of signal and power integrity analysis of multi-gigahertz designs.

Sigrity's solutions are widely used with HSPICE for signal, power integrity and electromagnetic interference analysis of high-speed boards, packages and integrated circuits. Sigrity tools generate interconnect models in either a traditional format or in Sigrity's Broadband Network Parameter (BNP) format, which contains richer frequency domain data in a compact format.

HSPICE 2011.09 has been enhanced to support the BNP format using a unique API that facilitates direct in-memory communication between HSPICE and Sigrity's electromagnetic solver, improving simulation throughput, accuracy and convergence.

"Many Sigrity customers have made major investments in HSPICE over the years and rely on it as a trusted gold-standard of circuit simulation," said Raymond Y. Chen, senior VP of Sigrity. "Sigrity has pioneered several application-specific electromagnetic analysis solutions integrated with HSPICE that provide the accuracy essential for high-speed designs in an environment that supports rapid design improvement."

"Signal integrity analysis of high-speed systems requires fast and accurate HSPICE simulation, as well as specialized analyses provided by the HSPICE Integrator Program (HIP) partners such as Sigrity," said Farhad Hayat, senior director of marketing at Synopsys. "The latest improvements in the HSPICE 2011.09 release for signal integrity analysis, combined with the large ecosystem of HIP partners, give designers access to best-in-class simulation and analyses for designing high-speed integrated circuits, printed circuit boards and packages."

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