Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Core Wafer Systems adding millions in contracts with upgrade to PDQ-WLR product line

NEW YORK, USA: Action Products International Inc. subsidiary Core Wafer Systems Inc. (CWS) is adding millions more in contracts with an upgrade to its PDQ-WLR product line.

CWS is pleased to offer version 7.0 of PDQ-WLR, the on-wafer accelerated reliability product designed specifically for Agilent Technologies Parametric Testers. Unlike the previously announced version 8 release which works in conjunction with PDQ-WARp, version 7.0 is a completely standalone software release that offers expanded measurement and reporting capabilities that addresses sophisticated needs for customers who require deep nanometer technology test suites.

The PDQ-WLR product is recognized as an industrial standard solution for reliability-lifetime and is a plug-in for the Agilent Technologies' High Volume Manufacturing Testers (40XX) product line running in either HP-UX or LINUX operating systems. The new release PDQ-WLR 7.0 can be purchased as a drop-in, or a separate product, backwards-compatible upgrade for earlier versions of PDQ-WLR running in HP-UX, or those running under CWS' ASUR SDR.

PDQ-WLR 7.0 provides 50 percent more measurements than previous versions and addresses issues for deep nanometer technologies such as NBTI or intelligent mobile ion. The new routines utilize the advanced features of the Agilent testers and instruments such as the arbitrary waveform generator and parallel stress and measurements for a number of tests.

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