Thursday, January 26, 2012

New 'chip' product to increase security on 4G/LTE backhaul networks

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OTTAWA, CANADA: Elliptic Technologies, a leading supplier of security semiconductor IP and software has announced the release of its IPsec Security Protocol Processor, SPP-230, to address the security needs of the 4G LTE mobile backhaul networks. This unique security engine accelerates IPsec packet processing to allow for multi Gbps performance by providing complete IPv6 ESP and AH packet transforms support.

“Elliptic is delivering yet another highly integrated security product targeted at IP/Ethernet based mobile backhaul applications”, said Elliptic President and CEO Vijay Dube. “The SPP-230 IPsec engine builds on our commitment to focus on the protocols required to secure data for the most advanced technologies including 4G LTE-Advanced and to deliver complete, scalable and cost-effective security solutions.”

The remarkable growth in popularity of smartphones and other mobile connected devices have added significant pressure on the backhaul infrastructure performance and security requirements. The need for more bandwidth to enable rich multimedia services continues to increase as the mobile users are looking to access more diverse content including video.

As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets gain ever more processing power and capabilities, the data they contain becomes more valuable to their owners - individuals and enterprises, and at the same time more enticing as a target for hackers. All these considerations make designing security for devices, as well as for the mobile networks more important than ever.

In order to address the growing mobile data traffic and to lower the cost, operators will continue to transition to 4G networks and adopt IP/Ethernet secured by the IPsec protocol as the mobile backhaul solution. Elliptic’s SPP-230 ESP/AH PDU Processor is a scalable and cost effective engine that meets the security requirements for wireless backhaul encryption over IP/Ethernet networks with many powerful features including scatter-gather DMA, QoS for enhanced traffic management support and virtualization designed to allow sharing between multiple CPUs. The engine is targeted at SoC suppliers for mobile base stations, cell site routers and gateways.

Elliptic offers a variety of proven security solutions spanning silicon cores to embedded software, which help facilitate the adoption of advanced wireless technologies. These highly-integrated solutions enable SoC suppliers and embedded system manufacturers to shorten their time to market and allow them to provide robust security solutions.

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