Monday, January 23, 2012

Open-Silicon's Interlaken IP core used in over 30 implementations

MILPITAS, USA: Open-Silicon Inc., a leading semiconductor design and manufacturing company and charter member of the Interlaken Alliance, announced that the company's Interlaken IP core has been used in over 30 implementations, and now includes silicon success in 28nm.

The five generations of Open-Silicon Interlaken Controller IP have delivered to the market the high-performance necessary for leading networking devices. This scalable IP core offers a low risk solution that is proven across multiple foundries and process nodes. Open-Silicon's Interlaken IP, available as a standalone third-party IP core or as part of a customizable system and physical design solution, provides customers a quicker path to silicon.

According to a recently published report from Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA), the information technology and communications (ICT) networking equipment/products market is expected to reach $214.2 billion by 2015. The market has been fuelled by the insatiable demand for bandwidth driven by multi-media applications, multiple users sharing a network, and more advanced PCs.

Having recognized this trend early on, Open-Silicon developed the Interlaken IP core that has now been silicon proven in some of the most advanced process nodes.

"We found that our customers needed high-performance networking interface IP that was not available on the open market. Using our deep experience in integrating semiconductor IP, we developed the easiest-to-integrate ASIC Interlaken IP core with the highest-bandwidth for customers creating advanced networking products," said Aashish Malhotra, director of IP solutions, Open-Silicon.

"As the Interlaken protocol has evolved to address additional applications, so has our IP core. We believe that offering the lowest risk solution, that meets the Interlaken Alliance's released specification will allow the industry to make a smooth transition to 100Gbps applications and beyond."

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