Thursday, January 19, 2012

Automotive semiconductors market to 2015

DUBLIN, IRELAND: Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Automotive Semiconductors Market to 2015 - Demand for Energy Efficient Vehicles with Safety and Comfort Systems to Drive Sales Growth" report to its offering.

GBI Research's new report, Automotive Semiconductors Market to 2015 - Demand for Energy Efficient Vehicles with Safety and Comfort Systems to Drive Sales Growth provides key information and analysis on the market opportunities in the automotive semiconductors industry. The report covers the industry dynamics, information on the revenue and volume of the Automotive Semiconductors Market, and the market share of the suppliers.

The report also provides product - based, region-based and end-use based forecasts up to 2015. The product based forecasts up to 2015 are given for the microcontrollers (MCUs), power semiconductors, ASICs, sensors, discretes and memory. The market for automotive semiconductors applications in powertrain, infotainment, chassis and safety, and, comfort systems and body electronics are discussed.

The increase in the use of electronics in automobiles is expected to increase the demand for automotive semiconductors. Consumer demand for higher fuel efficiency and more comfort, safety and entertainment features has led to the development of innovative technology for automobiles. As the automotive industry is competitive, to meet this challenge manufacturers are implementing innovative technological processes to satisfy consumer demand. This has resulted in the replacement of manually operated systems with electronically controlled systems.

For example, manually operated car windows are being replaced by power windows, hydraulic power steering is being replaced with electric power steering, and so on.

Other features being included in vehicles are Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), telematics systems to cover geographic maps, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), navigation, and entertainment systems. With the increasing electronic content in the areas of safety, powertrain management, comfort and entertainment, the usage of automotive semiconductors will be high and the market for automotive semiconductors will increase until 2015.

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