Tuesday, January 24, 2012

eInfochips launches smallest form-factor SoM) based on TI's DaVinci DM816x and DM814x video processors

SUNNYVALE, USA & AHMEDABAD, INDIA: eInfochips, a leading product engineering services company, announced the launch of smallest form-factor system-on-modules (SoM) developed based on the DaVinci DM816x and DM814x video processors from Texas Instruments Inc. (TI).

eInfochips, having over 15 years of end-to-end product design experience, has developed a pin-compatible SoM for DaVinci DM816x and DM814x video processors with different pin maps.

The compact form-factor SoM (75x37mm) is ideal off-the-shelf solutions for product developers designing high-end video processing systems. The SOM addresses the key challenge of designing and developing customized hardware solution for different industry verticals and product segments. With maximum hardware complexity handled by a re-usable SoM module, customers can derive multiple advantages including reduce development time and cost.

The solution will empower product companies to enrich their product mix by integrating a SoM into different carrier cards for launching multiple products variants. SoM can also be easily integrated into existing hardware systems to maximize computing power for performance improvement.

"We wanted to assist product designers in developing products with reduced time, efforts and cost to provide space for innovation. This was the aim when we conceptualized the SoM based on TI's DaVinci DM816x and DM814x video processors," said Dhaval Parikh, hardware division head, eInfochips. "The pin-compatible, smallest form-factor SOM combines the benefits of TI's high-end video processing SoCs for developing high-end video-specific applications. Throughout development, we put special emphasis on thermal and power stability without compromising on providing superior performance with reduced form-factor."

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