Thursday, January 26, 2012

ISCUG 2012: Call for contributions

BANGALORE, INDIA: The Indian SystemC User’s Group (ISCUG) aims to accelerate the adoption of SystemC in the Semiconductor Industry. ISCUG provides a platform for the SystemC beginners, SystemC experts, ESL managers and ESL vendors to share their knowledge, experiences and best practices about SystemC usage. The organizers are calling for contributions to ISCUG 2012 to be held Monday, April 9, 2012 in Bangalore.

Abstract Deadline: Wednesday, 15th Feb 2012
Submit your abstract upto 200 words at:

The final contribution will be a presentation of about 25 minute duration. The topic of the presentation can include all the use cases of SystemC including but not restricted to: Virtual platform for embedded software development, Architectural exploration, Performance optimization, High level synthsis (HLS), Analog Mixed-Signal (AMS) modeling etc. The presentation should not appear like a sales presentation and should not talk about any specific tools/offerings from a ESL vendor.

You may submit the abstract for the following category of sessions:

Getting started with SystemC
The target audience of this session will be the engineers who want to get started with SystemC modelling. The session will consist of one presentation of 50 minute duration or the two presentations of 25 minutes each.

Advanced modelling techniques
This session is for power users of SystemC to share their knowledge and experiences with the industry peers. The session will consist of three to four presentations of 25 minutes each.

ESL success story
In the session the semiconductor companies may share their case study about the usage of SystemC in their ESL flow. They will talk about the challenges faces, methodologies/techniques employed, and the success achieved by using SystemC in their flow. The session with consist of two presentations from two different semiconductor companies.

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