Friday, January 13, 2012

Rovi announces Amlogic to launch first DivX Plus HD certified chipset for Android

CES 2012, LAS VEGAS, USA: Rovi Corp. announced that Amlogic, a leading fabless semiconductor company providing advanced solutions for a wide range of consumer applications, has introduced the first DivX Plus HD solution available on an Android OS, via the Amlogic AML-8726M series chipset.

The Amlogic DivX Plus HD solution is designed to enrich consumers' video viewing experience on devices such as digital televisions (DTVs), set-top boxes (STBs), media boxes, and tablets as well as provide secure playback of content from major motion picture studios on the Android CE platform.

The collaboration is the result of a DivX technology licensing agreement between Rovi and Amlogic. DivX Plus HD, the premium level of DivX technology certification, enables consumers to enjoy a broad range of content and also offers advanced entertainment features like trick play, automated chapter points, and multiple audio and subtitle tracks.

"We are breaking new ground by achieving DivX Plus HD certification for an Android-based chipset," said Michael Mo, senior director of business development, Amlogic. "Using DivX Plus HD, our Amlogic AML-8726M IC solution can help enable device manufacturers to enhance their products with additional functionality and satisfy customers' desires for a convenient, flexible, and high-quality entertainment experience."

By working with DivX to achieve certification for the DivX Plus HD profile, not only do manufacturers increase playback quality, performance, and compatibility, but they also enable consumers to easily transfer Internet video for enjoyment on an extensive, multi-manufacturer ecosystem of CE devices.

Certified DivX Plus HD devices can easily play back personal and protected Hollywood entertainment in DivX (.avi) and DivX Plus HD (.mkv) formats, whether the content is on optical disc, USB drive, or streamed over a home network using DLNA. The DivX device ecosystem now includes more than 500 million DivX devices worldwide.

"Consumers are demanding a wealth of video on their mobile devices. We believe our agreement with Amlogic will help bring secure, high-quality DivX and DivX Plus HD video to emerging Android-based CE devices," said Matt Milne, senior VP of CE sales, Rovi. "Amlogic's new chipset should help enable more OEM devices running Android to provide a more flexible and enjoyable digital media experience for their consumers with DivX Plus HD certification."

DivX Plus HD certification offers stunning visual quality and supports video resolutions up to 1080p. Also, DivX Certified devices contain digital rights management technology to enable the secure playback of premium content in the DivX format, making it easy for consumers to enjoy video entertainment across a wide array of CE devices. Global online retailers offering Hollywood titles in the DivX format include Film Fresh, the WB Shop, and Media Markt, which are powered by the Rovi Entertainment Store.

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