Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Renesas Electronics announces low-loss SiC power devices

TOKYO, JAPAN: Renesas Electronics Corp. announced the development of a Schottky barrier diode (SBD), the RJS6005TDPP, employing silicon carbide (SiC), a material considered to have great potential for use in power semiconductor devices.

The new SiC Schottky barrier diode is ideal for use in high-output electronic systems such as air conditioners, communication base stations, and solar power arrays. The new device also incorporates technology developed jointly by Hitachi, Ltd., and Renesas Electronics, which contributed to achieving approximately 40 percent reduced low power consumption compared to Renesas Electronics’ existing power devices employing conventional silicon (Si).

Recently, demand has grown for more highly efficient power supply circuits in many types of systems to promote environmental preservation. There is particularly strong demand for more efficient power conversion in products using power switching circuits or inverter circuits enabling precise motor control, such as air conditioners, communication base stations, PC servers, and solar power arrays.

Therefore, the diodes used in these power converter circuits need to provide faster switching speeds and low-voltage operation. Renesas Electronics developed the new SiC SBD to address these demands.

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