Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Posedge unveils multifunction NVM IP platform for SoC designers

SUNNYVALE, USA: Posedge Inc., a supplier of Connectivity and Secure Networking Semiconductor Intellectual Property solutions has announced the availability of its ‘Multifunction Non-Volatile Memory IP Platform’ for SoC designers.

The presence of Non-Volatile memory with NAND, NOR, Serial Flash, MMC, SD, Compact Flash is ubiquitous in most of the current generation SoCs and ASICs. There are many decisions and several tradeoffs to be made between these choices such as cost, type of interface, software, control, and application suitability. Additional factors like pin count, memory capacity, and Error Correction capability also play a role in choosing these various interfaces for a SoC design.

Posedge has developed the ‘Multifunction Non-Volatile Memory IP Platform’ to address these development needs.

The bundled IP Platform’s Development board has the ability to choose any memory solution like Serial Flash, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, SRAM or SD/eMMC host. It has the required connectors for SD/MMC devices and plug-in sockets for NAND/NOR/SFlash/SRAM ICs. By plugging the board of the IP platform into a standard Linux PC and with the Posedge IP Platform Driver kit, a designer can test and evaluate their complete solution for all NVM interfaces at the application level.

Understanding the performance and functionality of memory controllers in a system is critical to the architecture of SoC design. The IP platform has all the tools to select an IP along with required bit files and software drivers to enable users to run performance analysis specific to their design. Subsequently Posedge will provide the exact matching RTL cores along with the test benches, synthesis scripts and software drivers.

"Posedge’s bundled multifunction non-volatile IP platform meets all the requirements of SD 3.01, SDIO, eMMC4.5 Host or Device Controllers, synchronous and asynchronous mode ONFI2.2 and ONFI3.0 flash. It significantly enables faster time to market by ensuring the design team of full functionality and performance in their final SOC design," says, Chakra Parvathaneni, VP Marketing, Posedge.

“The bundled IP platform solution allows customer to fully evaluate the superior performance and functionality of Posedge’s Connectivity IPs and eliminates the problem of functionality and quality concerns from third party IP suppliers. Our customers are literally guaranteed ‘Right First Time’ performance for their project by using the IP Platform,” says Richard Timpa, VP Sales, Posedge.

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