Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Frontier Silicon launches industry’s first network audio module with dual-band 802.11n connectivity for wireless speakers and docking systems

2012 International CES, LAS VEGAS, USA: Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of Digital Radio and Network Audio solutions, announces the launch of Milan, the industry’s most advanced module for high volume networked wireless speaker and docker applications. Milan allows OEMs and ODMs to build cost effective home audio products which give consumers the capability to play digital music from their smartphones, tablets or personal computers wirelessly via a high fidelity audio system.

In step with trends in networking, the Milan module has taken the important step of including next generation 802.11n WiFi technology operating in the 2.4 and 5GHz bands in an audio module. The 5GHz band is un-crowded and is an ideal choice for consumers looking for a robust and uninterrupted audio streaming experience.

The Milan module comes with the highly customizable Network Sound (NS) software development kit that supports a comprehensive range of features including DLNA Digital Media Renderer for audio streaming using UPnP, audio playback from auxiliary I2S input, iPhone/iPod/iPad docking via USB and audio post-processing for bass, treble and 5-band EQ control.

For simple and quick set up, even in products such as wireless speakers which have a simple user interface, Milan provides several user friendly device setup methods including network profile transfer from docked iPhone, Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) using push button and PIN methods and web based configuration.

The NS software also supports popular audio codecs including MP3, WMA, AAC, HE-AAC, FLAC and WAV.

In addition to the on-board software, Frontier offers iPhone and Android applications for remotely controlling Milan based products from iPod/iPhone and Android devices. Music can also be streamed to Milan based products using popular DLNA Apps for Android and iOS devices.

Alongside the built in 802.11n interface, the Milan hardware includes an optional 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY, high fidelity audio DAC and a built in PIFA antenna which has been optimized for 2.4GHz and 5GHz to give outstanding range of operation.

Another optional hardware feature is broadcast radio reception, with the Milan module including the capability to receive analogue radio via FM and digital radio via DAB/DAB+.

The Milan module is supported with the Mars platform, a comprehensive and fully-qualified reference design for wireless speakers, which do not have a user interface, as well as for audio systems with 1-line starburst interface. Mars is fully tested to conform to Wi-Fi Alliance, WPS and UPnP/DLNA 1.5 interoperability certification programmes as well as Made for iPhone/iPod (MFi) and Windows 7 logo compliance programmes, ensuring customers can build products and gain conformance certification in the shortest possible time.

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