Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everspin reports over 300 percent growth of MRAM product shipments in 2011

CHANDLER, USA: Everspin Technologies is reporting record growth for 2011 with MRAM product shipments to exceed three times the unit volume shipped in 2010. Servicing more than 300 active customers with 100-plus MRAM products in three major markets, the company is tracking well over 100 applications that are using MRAM today.

In 2011 alone, the company secured 250 new design wins for its MRAM product offering. In addition to its discrete MRAM products, Everspin began shipments of embedded MRAM products in 2011 with an initial volume of more than 2M units.

“MRAM has gained acceptance as a superior alternative to non-volatile SRAM for RAID controllers, allowing Everspin to capitalize on its unique position as a high-volume MRAM supplier,” said Jim Handy, analyst with Objective Analysis. “The company's impressive progress this past year is proof of OEMs' increased interest and readiness to use MRAM in diverse applications.”

Building on Everspin’s traction in the industrial, energy and automotive and transportation markets, the major contributor to Everspin’s growth in 2011 was the enterprise storage, server and networking segment accounting for a significant portion of the product shipments. A number of leading vendors in this segment, including Dell and LSI® Corporation, have turned to MRAM technology for critical data storage in RAID systems, servers and routers, which require reliable, enduring fast non-volatile memories to capture meta-data that must be preserved reliably in the event of a power failure.

MRAM enhances data center and networking fault recovery to reduce system downtime and also simplifies system design providing an overall lower total cost of ownership. Compared to alternative non-volatile RAM solutions, MRAM eliminates the need for external components such as resistors, capacitors, batteries or super-capacitors including additional power fail logic circuitry. The elimination of these components improves data fidelity and system form factor while providing the most reliable solution at the overall lowest cost.

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