Tuesday, January 17, 2012

BiTMICRO and Global Unichip fabricate revolutionary SSD controller

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: BiTMICRO Networks, a manufacturer of high-end enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) technologies, and Global Unichip Corp. (GUC) have successfully taped out a third generation SSD controller.

Dubbed as TALINO-DE (Translation and Linking of I/O Nodes - Device Edition), this multi-core SSD controller provides high-speed data transfer between host and storage device. TALINO-DE is seen to be a generation ahead of today’s market-leading technology.

TALINO-DE features multiple embedded CPUs, high-speed serial on-chip buses and proprietary integrated data moving technology, enabling parallel access to hundreds of flash chips. Other features include full data path protection, end-to-end data integrity, embedded AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) engines for data security, embedded XOR engines for delivering faster transaction processing in RAID configurations, power management, and other resource optimization.

The TALINO-DE controller comes with built-in standard I/O cores such as SAS, SATA and PCIe, thus eliminating the need for a bridge or third party I/O controller. Powering BiTMICRO’s new line of SSDs, it expects to deliver more than 400,000 random 4KB block write transactions I/O per second (IOPS) while maintaining enterprise-class life endurance.

In addition, it allows BiTMICRO’s SSD to scale up to 5TB of solid state storage in a single form factor depending on the capacity of flash devices used. It is also designed to accommodate even higher capacities for larger systems. It supports high-speed NAND flash devices, such as ONFi and Toggle Mode DDR SLC, MLC and eMLC in addition to legacy NAND SLC memory devices.

“The combination of GUC’s PCIe, SATA, SAS PHY IP products and the broad scope of their flexible SOC design services, manufacturing capabilities and strong relationship with TSMC gave us no reason to hold back in our designs. From the start, we are confident the TALINO-DE controller will create a huge impact in the storage industry. Backed by GUC’s world-class testing facilities, we know they are the most viable option for us,” says Rey Bruce, CEO of BiTMICRO Networks.

“BiTMICRO is clearly at the leading edge of SSD development and exemplifies what it takes to be an innovative force in today’s semiconductor market. Their innovativeness stretches well-beyond their technology and includes the cost effective way they have managed the entire ASIC process,” explains Jim Lai, president of GUC.

Staying true to its roots as a storage solutions company that develops its own ASIC controllers, BiTMICRO timely planned the release of its products based on market acceptance and adoption. The flexibility of the platform’s architecture enables BiTMICRO’s SSDs to deliver the performance, reliability and security to compete in the enterprise SSD market.

The TALINO architecture and the IP baseline that BiTMICRO developed over time ensure they will be more than relevant as the market matures. E-Disk device-level products powered by TALINO DE will be released for market testing 2Q 2012.

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