Thursday, September 11, 2014

Renesas Electronics America RL78 platform solution drives easy path from idea to solution for automotive control systems

SANTA CLARA, USA: Renesas Electronics America, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, is easing embedded design complexity with expanded support for automotive control systems, announcing:

1) The availability of the new 16-bit RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 Group of microcontrollers (MCUs);

2) New RL78 Renesas Development Kits (RDKs); and

3) Software development tools provided through Renesas’ partner relationship with SimuQuest and IAR Systems.

The RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 MCUs, combined with the SimuQuest RDK, QuantiPhi Renesas Edition (QuantiPhi RE) and IAR Embedded Workbench, create an environment that allows the “easiest path from idea to solution” – contributing to enhanced development efficiency, reduced system costs, lower system power consumption and improved functional safety features for automotive control systems.

The new RL78/F13 and RL78/F13 MCUs encompass 91 products designed for automotive control systems. The RL78/F13 MCUs are designed for use in an extensive range of applications – from body control systems, such as power window and side mirror control, to automotive motor control systems, such as electric water pumps and cooling fans.

The RL78/F14 MCUs support body control system applications that require larger memory capacities and more networking peripherals, such as BCM (body control module) and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) control.

The RL78/F13 and RL78/F14 MCUs offer key features: scalability, compliance with automotive-grade temperature and safety requirements, and reduced power consumption.

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