Monday, September 8, 2014

Energy efficiency electrifies SEMICON Europa

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: For the first time, SEMICON Europa 2014 will offer two new power-related technical forums — Power Electronics Conference (8-9 October) and Low Power Conference (7-8 October).

The exhibition and conferences will offer an in-depth look at the cutting-edge energy technology delivering new levels of energy efficiency in electronics. Energy efficiency is a key challenge and advances in power microelectronics, batteries, mobility, and energy harvesting systems are making power management smarter to reduce energy consumption.

SEMICON Europa’s two new Power Conferences focus on how innovators and their technologies are building energy-optimized applications.

The theme of the Low Power Conference is “Highly Energy Efficient Nanotechnologies and Applications.” The number of connected electronics devices is growing exponentially. According to Jean-Marc Chery, COO STMicroelectronics, to sustain this growth, the semiconductor industry needs a real breakthrough in energy efficiency — both for connected devices and for the communication infrastructure.

At the same time, the traditional planar bulk CMOS technology is plateauing in power consumption and performance beyond 28nm, so breakthrough solutions for energy efficient systems are mandatory to continue the growth.

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