Tuesday, September 9, 2014

eInfochips shrinks design cycles by six months for TI 66AK2Ex processors

BANGALORE, INDIA: eInfochips, along with Texas Instruments (TI), announced the availability of EVMs (Evaluation Modules) on the TI 66AK2Ex processors.

The EVM, coupled with design services from eInfochips will accelerate benchmarking and design cycles by up to six months, for customers to build reliable, high performance products.

The TI 66AK2Ex processors are tailored for applications in cloud computing, avionics, medical imaging, industrial automation and physical security. The TI 66AK2Ex is the latest ARM+DSP System-on-chip (SoC) from TI, equipped with KeyStone II multicore architecture for power efficiency.

Ellen Blinka, marketing manager, TI said, “TI customers are excited to take the 66AK2Ex processors to the market. eInfochips expertise on the K2E platform, and their design services are a valuable asset to shorten their product design cycles.”

The 66AK2Ex processors incorporates the most performance-optimized ARM® Cortex-A15 processor, dual-core or quad-core CorePac and TMS320C66x DSP core, that can run at a core speed of up to 1.4 GHz.

TI's 66AK2E05/02 device enables a high performance, power-efficient and easy to use platform for developers of a broad range of applications. In addition to the TI 66AK2Ex EVMs, eInfochips will also provide electronic design and firmware development services for TI K2E, TI K2H and TI K2L platforms.

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