Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TI intros DLP Pico technology

LAS VEGAS, USA: Texas Instruments (TI) shows the most compelling mobile big picture experiences to date and enables the ultimate in mobile multimedia experiences for general and enterprise consumers alike with its award-winning DLP Pico technology.

From playing HD videos without the need for a computer, to making content more shareable beyond an iPhone 4/4S' screen, the DLP Pico family of chipsets is turning impossible ideas into real opportunities. With more than two million DLP Pico chipsets shipped, compact projection technology is now available in more devices and form factors than ever before, including cameras and camcorders, mobile phones and cases, iPhone/iPod/iPad media player docks, laptops and accessories and more.

International industry analysts are predicting significant growth as pico projectors are embedded into consumer devices and proliferate as stand alone devices. "We forecast that the worldwide 2012 market for New Era (sub-500 lumen) projectors will more than double from 2011," said Dr. William Coggshall, president of projector market research firm Pacific Media Associates.

"Momentum in the pico category continues to build as products have really come of age, and with a full family of DLP Pico chipsets available to manufacturers, the possibilities for consumers are very exciting," said Frank Moizio, manager of DLP Pico Projection. "We are proud to have a lead role in finding ways to make content more useful and enjoyable for all types of consumers, whether it's a mobile game, movie, sporting event or presentation. Our brands and manufacturers are crucial in making this possible, and together with them, there is almost no limit to where consumers will find DLP Pico technology and how they will be able to use it every day."

Among the latest advancements is the WXGA resolution DLP Pico HD chip, now found in more than a dozen models with some delivering up to 500 lumens of brightness, streaming wireless content and even 3D-Ready capabilities – specs that just a few years ago could only be achieved by much larger, more expensive projectors. New DLP Pico-enhanced products are also sporting greater connectivity, with HDMI ports, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless to easily add big screen projection to most any multimedia device, and smaller sizes for unmatched portability.

More than 30 of the latest products featuring DLP Pico innovations inside will be on display all week long on the CES show floor, from a diverse array of the world's top, niche and emerging manufacturers and brands. Highlights include Optoma's PK320 (twice the brightness of the PK301 in the same form factor), the BenQ Joybee GP2 with built-in iDevice dock, Brookstone's Pico Projector case for the iPhone4/4S and the Dell M110 (the brighter, more compact follow-up to the M109S).

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