Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mentor Graphics and Ecrio to ready powerful Nucleus-based LTE IMS mobile device platforms

2012 International CES, WILSONVILLE, USA: Mentor Graphics Corp. announced the integration of Ecrio’s industry-leading IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Device Software with its flagship Nucleus Real Time Operating System (RTOS).

The collaboration leads to the availability of the first IMS-based 4G SMS over LTE (IR.92 VoLTE-compliant) on-device networking stack for the Nucleus product. This technology makes it possible to run both SMS and VoIP services entirely on the baseband processor of a data device without needing to utilize the application processor, thereby increasing battery life and reserving application space for other device functions.

Ecrio’s 4G/LTE operator-certified solutions power the key functionality of IMS-based signaling and messaging within the Nucleus platform enabling lower cost, enhanced performance as well as time-to-market for LTE connected devices.

“LTE has become the technology of choice for 4G deployments,” said Michel Gannage, founder and CEO of Ecrio. “Leading RTOS solutions such as Mentor’s Nucleus platform, enhanced with IMS and IR.92 VoLTE-compliant device software, will contribute to the acceleration of exciting new services on 4G/LTE Mobile Networks.”

“Mentor Graphics is delighted to be collaborating with Ecrio, a leader in delivering SIP/IMS device-side solutions, to rapidly enable key core communication protocols and functions within our Nucleus OS solutions for emerging 4G connected devices,” said Jan Klube, Nucleus product line director, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division.

Used in more than 2.3 billion mobile handsets, the Mentor Embedded Nucleus product is a proven, highly efficient, and reliable operating system. The Nucleus product is ideal for resource-constrained devices delivering high performance with minimal footprint. Superior power management and a wealth of middleware are easily configured and integrated allowing faster time-to-market for single and multicore devices.

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division comprises the Mentor Embedded family of products and services, including embedded software intellectual property (IP), tools, and professional consultant services to help embedded developers and silicon partners optimize their products for design and cost efficiency.

The Mentor Embedded team continues to lead the industry with involvement in the open source community, with the Inflexion 2D and 3D UI development, Sourcery open source tools, and Nucleus RTOS solutions.

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